Afraid of losing your retirement savings?

More Americans than ever are relying on their personal savings to guarantee a comfortable retirement. For these people, the stock market is the only long-term way to beat inflation and compound their returns. But this comes with a risk of substantial loss, which can derail even the retirement plan with a conservative stock allocation.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way for the self-directed investor to avoid losses in the market without missing the opportunity for growth. It begins by understanding the three big risks that you’re up against.

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Now using for 529 college savings plan and work 401(k). Rebalancing monthly. Couldn’t be happier! And for the price?!

Kate N

[ … ] beating inflation and sleeping well at night.

George B

That the only thing worse than being in stocks is not being in stocks. This system makes being in stocks a lot more palatable.

Terry N

I was on the fence about choosing a “target date” fund until I realized that I would still be risking more than 25% losses in the event of another Great Recession, and there’d be no guarantee that I’d even beat inflation. I didn’t want that, so I started looking for something else. Safer401k was the answer. Now I’m “all in” stocks but I’m sleeping better than before.

Jason F

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